Posture Problems? We Have Something to Share that may Help

Hello friends at Fourth Power Fitness we have had a conversation with Dr. Ángel Martin Utrera Martínez, Physician Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, CRIFYN. Read this posture corrective review:

Did you know that neck, waist and back pain are one of the main symptoms of posture problems?

Posture is the relationship between the different parts of our body and each other, 40% of the general population has posture problems, is a public health problem, causes absenteeism at work and school.

A good posture is the essence to help the body to function in a more efficient way, our spine is the mainstay of our body so that its shape and care is very important to maintain our body image and maintain its function regardless of age.

When a person does not maintain the normal position of the spine alters the alienation of the body causing pain, walking problems and movement, these are the postural problems.

Posture problems occur at any age, in preschool and school age due to the use of backpacks mainly and in productive age due to the position we adopt during work.

Observe yourself in a mirror your ears are aligned with your shoulders? Is your head aligned with your shoulders? Is your spine hunched over? Does your ass stick out too far? Are your knees too stretched or bent to the front? Are your feet aligned with your shoulders and hips?

Improving your posture requires medical attention, discipline, the use of back correction devices, rehabilitation exercises in your routine and that gradually helps you to heal your bad posture habits, if you have a lot of discomfort take anti-inflammatory medications, analgesics and muscle relaxants.


  • Check your posture.
  • Don’t forget to stay at the right weight
  • Exercised constantly
  • Use Posture Corrective to help improving your back posture.
  • Your preschool and school-age children who use rolling backpacks, avoid those on the back and if you use them that are wide banded and adjust them so that the weight is on the back and does not exceed 10% of their weight.
  • If you are sitting for too long, use a bench to raise your knees.
  • The heels should not be more than 3 cm. and if you’re going to wear it higher than a lot of hours.

And in case of any doubt better consult your doctor.

posture corrective review

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