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What do CrossFit athletes eat during the day?

Currently, many people want to be in shape, have better physical conditions, which is because they have invented a large number of methods, exercises and sports disciplines that are aimed at improving the physical condition of each person. But regardless of the type of exercise or discipline that the person is performing, there is a factor that is fundamental in all training and that everyone should take in account as is the case of food, since any athlete who wants to get good results must have both a good workout routine and good nutrition and you need to combine properly.

One of the training systems that is widely used and increasingly the followers in both athletes and people who practices CrossFit, already allows to perform both strength training and resistance since it is based on exercise with functional movement that take in accounts different sports disciplines as it is the case of the running, boxing, weightlifting and gymnastics, from which they take movement that allow to develop many capacities of the athlete as is the strength, speed, power, flexibility coordination, resistance and improve the cardiovascular system.

But this is important to know that CrossFit athletes apart from spending time to training in the Box that is where they practice the sport discipline of CrossFit, also it is necessary that they have good habits as is the case of having a good diet.

CrossFit athletes have a good diet

What CrossFit athletes eat

Many people and who are beginning to practice this discipline are asked, what eat the CrossFit athletes to be in shape and improve their conditions lose the extra weight? According to the opinion of experts and connoisseurs of the matter make reference that every sportsman must have a balanced diet that provides him with an adequate nutritional value and the amount of energy needed. The diet of athletes is necessary to have the proper balance of protein and carbohydrate, as far as carbohydrate is concerned, it is necessary to know the right amount and not for consume excessively, in relation to fats and sugar should not be eaten in excess, but it is Important to know that the fat that you consume should be called good fat, like olive oil and peanut butter.

The reason because it is so important for CrossFit athletes to combine good exercise and good nutrition is because it allows them to improve their performance, tone muscles, increase endurance and burn their abdominal fat and also diet must be balanced for the purpose of satisfying the nutritional needs of people.

The fact that it is necessary for people to have a balanced diet where they are properly combined the three macronutrients as they are Proteins, carbohydrates and good fats, since a proper diet allows the body to release hormones for its proper functioning, performance sports, maintain an ideal weight and tone your muscles. It is also important to mention that the necessary body of a balance of the three macronutrients that will allow the person to be happy and have the energy necessary to perform both sports activities and their activities during the day but they need to consume the appropriate proportions and some of the foods that are also very necessary are vegetables and foods rich in fiber.

Among the most recommended proteins are fish, chicken, meat eggs, dairy and vegetable protein. Regarding carbohydrates you can consume cereals, rice, wheat, vegetables rich in starch and vegetables and fruits. But it is important that you know that carbohydrates should eat the right proportions and as far as fats are concerned avoid excesses and you should eat good fat such as avocado, peanut butter and olive oil.