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Posture Problems? We Have Something to Share that may Help

Hello friends at Fourth Power Fitness we have had a conversation with Dr. Ángel Martin Utrera Martínez, Physician Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, CRIFYN. Read this posture corrective review:

Did you know that neck, waist and back pain are one of the main symptoms of posture problems?

Posture is the relationship between the different parts of our body and each other, 40% of the general population has posture problems, is a public health problem, causes absenteeism at work and school.

A good posture is the essence to help the body to function in a more efficient way, our spine is the mainstay of our body so that its shape and care is very important to maintain our body image and maintain its function regardless of age.

When a person does not maintain the normal position of the spine alters the alienation of the body causing pain, walking problems and movement, these are the postural problems.

Posture problems occur at any age, in preschool and school age due to the use of backpacks mainly and in productive age due to the position we adopt during work.

Observe yourself in a mirror your ears are aligned with your shoulders? Is your head aligned with your shoulders? Is your spine hunched over? Does your ass stick out too far? Are your knees too stretched or bent to the front? Are your feet aligned with your shoulders and hips?

Improving your posture requires medical attention, discipline, the use of back correction devices, rehabilitation exercises in your routine and that gradually helps you to heal your bad posture habits, if you have a lot of discomfort take anti-inflammatory medications, analgesics and muscle relaxants.


  • Check your posture.
  • Don’t forget to stay at the right weight
  • Exercised constantly
  • Use Posture Corrective to help improving your back posture.
  • Your preschool and school-age children who use rolling backpacks, avoid those on the back and if you use them that are wide banded and adjust them so that the weight is on the back and does not exceed 10% of their weight.
  • If you are sitting for too long, use a bench to raise your knees.
  • The heels should not be more than 3 cm. and if you’re going to wear it higher than a lot of hours.

And in case of any doubt better consult your doctor.

posture corrective review

Dress for Success: What To Wear When You Run In The Winter

Do you love to run, but it’s 32 degrees or below? You may think that when winter comes you’d be crazy to go outside and run. However, with the right gear, you can enjoy your favorite hobby and not miss a step!

You need to remember that when you start running, you will heat up very quickly, so the frigid weather won’t feel as cold once you get moving. But when you stop running, you will cool down much more quickly than you would in the summer. So, you need to prepare in a very specific way.

Run In The Winter

Here is are ultimate list for your much-needed winter running gear.

Calculate Your Running Temperature

The first thing to do is to calculate what you will feel like when you are running to acertain the clothing you need to wear. To calculate this temperate, you will be adding between 10 and 20 degrees to the temperature outside (this works during warmer weather too!), depending on your size and intensity of the workout.

If you are petite or your workout won’t be very intense, you can add about 10 degrees. However, if you are large or if you are doing a very long or intense run, then add 20 degrees. And remember that you need to take account the wind chill, so use the lower temperature (the “Feels Like” temp) when making your calculations.

After that, it’s all about the layers! Here’s what you will need:

  • If you are a lady, you will want to start off with a wicking bra or wicking tank made out of a breathable and comfortable material.
  • You will need Running tights or pants. You want a pair that is warm and a little thicker than what you would wear in the spring or summer.
  • Either a medium-weight or heavy-weight long sleeve tech shirt, depending on how cold the weather is. This is your base layer.
  • An insulating layer above your base layer. Something made of fleece or a comfortable hoodie will be good.
  • A jacket that is windproof and waterproof
  • Mittens or running gloves
  • A Hat. Make sure that it’s light weight so that your head doesn’t get too sweaty while you run.
  • Headband to cover ears
  • Running socks made of wool or wicking socks. You want these to reach up to your knee in order to keep your calves warm.
  • You want water-resistant, but breathable running shoes so that you don’t get your feet wet from the snow or water.
  • If the conditions outside are snowy or wet, you will want some running grips or ice cleats for your shoes, in order to prevent you from slipping and falling.
  • A fleece neck warmer might be your best friend. It won’t only keep your neck and chest warm, but it will prevent that horrible, burning sensation of the cold air filling up your lungs.
  • And don’t forget the sunblock! It may be winter, but the sun is still shining, even if you can’t see it. The clouds and any snow will magnify the dangerous UV rays from the sun. So, unless you are running in Alaska, you want to remember to protect your face.

You can start off your run with all of your layers, but if you warm up, you can always take some layers off. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. If you wear something too heavy right off the top, you will be too hot but unable to take things off because you will be left in the cold. Also remember, when you start of your run go against the wind and when you are winding your run down, run with the wind at your back. Happy running!

Accessories that use the runners (people who run) to be more comfortable and improve their performance

Running is one of the sports disciplines that are highly recommended for people who want to get in shape, lose weight or tone their legs, so there are a lot of ways that people can exercise as is the case of running which can be great fun but at the same time can be exhausting for people who practice it. Running is important to know that not only helps us to be in shape also helps us to socialize with a group of people who share the same taste as to exercise. It is necessary to know that because running is a high intensity exercise people need to use accessories that allow them to enjoy more during training.

It is important to know that the month of September is accompanied by a series of responsibilities, such as return to work or studies, but it is one of the months in which after people have spent a long vacation where they have won which is the time to go back to running and where people usually go to buy accessories that allow you to run and exercise more comfortable.

What are the Accessories that runners use?

shoes are of great importance when it is time to run

As was mentioned previously there are a number of accessories that will help you to run and exercise, if you are a person who has experience or is beginning  to do exercise  by running here you can see the following accessories that will help:

-The shoes are of great importance when it is time to run, it is important that you choose  sport shoes that do not fit either too tight or too loose to make it more comfortable when it comes to running. It is necessary that the sport shoes give you a good stability and grip when it comes to running. One of the things that people should know is the duration of the sports shoes, which is usually about 1000 km, so if you are a runner it is necessary that when your sport shoes have approximately that distance covered, it is necessary that know that you must buy new sports shoes and in the market there are a variety of brands from which you can choose. Another thing that is very important for the person to keep in mind is the fact that when buying a sport shoes you should buy brands that are original so that you have more durability.

-In areas where it is very cold it is necessary that people are adequately equipped, as in the case of countries that change from a warm climate to a cold climate, so it is necessary during the months of cold wearing jackets and sports pants that are long and allow you to be more comfortable at the time of going to run.

-The Cellphone or Mp3 or Mp4 music player is very useful, since running listening to music can be beneficial for training, since music helps the person to keep them motivated and causes the brain to relax and causing the person late in noticing the weariness, but it is also necessary for the person to run in suitable places like stadiums and parks intended for the purpose; it is necessary to know that running listening to music on the road and freeways is dangerous since the music can make you distract yourself and not notice the presence of the cars.

– Carrying a recipient of water is very necessary for people who are runners, since running is an exercise of intensity that will make you sweat enough and people need to hydrate with some frequency for which water is something very necessary and in the market you will find a great variety of recipients that will be useful to you.